Wedding Hair and Makeup Trials

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Wedding Hair and Makeup Trials

One of the most fun things about your wedding is the fact that you get to look like a princess for a day, or as the little 4 year old at my wedding called me a “Barbie Bride.” We all dream about our wedding from the time we see our first fairy tale princess movie and wonder what we will be wearing that day! Recently I have seen a lot of brides posting the question “When should I get hair and makeup trials done before my wedding?” on different social media sites. Here are my suggestions on scheduling that oh so fun day!

Wait until you have your dress picked out and purchased.

Certain hairstyles look better with certain dresses. If you have a dress that comes up around the neck like a halter style, your hair should be up as it complements that style, elongates the neck and makes the eye go up to your face. Off the shoulder dresses look fantastic with the half up/half down styles. With strapless dresses your hair can go either way, up or down, it will depend on the style of the dress. So wait until you have your dress, and bring a picture of you in it for the appointment. Having a picture will help your stylist and you decide what do, to do, when you say “I Do.”

Wait until you have your hair piece.

Whether you are going with a traditional veil, a tiara, a vintage comb, or just flowers in your hair. Don’t go to a trial with your hair stylist if you don’t have your hair piece purchased. You should take it with you to the trial as well to see where you like the placement of the hair piece. If you are wanting flowers in your hair buy a few and bring them with you too!

Wait until you have a venue picked out.

A venue will help determine your hair as well as your makeup look. If you are having a formal evening wedding your hair will likely be more formal, maybe an updo versus flowing curls. Your makeup should be more bold for evening weddings as well, more of a smoky eye and bold lip color, it will show up better in pictures as evenings can cast shadows and flashes from cameras will wash your face out. If you are having an afternoon garden wedding you will likely want your hair loose and flowy and your makeup more light, romantic and airy maybe with peaches, tans and golds.

Don’t be afraid to try out a couple different stylists as well. Every stylist has their own strengths and weaknesses so trying out a couple different ones may help you make your final wedding hairdo and makeup look just as perfect as your day will be!
Happy Planning!