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You won’t have any wall flowers at your wedding with Ron Swain of RCB Audio as your wedding DJ! He gets the crowd dancing and “goes above and beyond to take care of anything needed” says client, Michael!


email: ron@rcbaudio.com


A wedding DJ can make or break your reception! If your goal is to have a great time dancing and partying with your family and friends you need the right DJ. Inspire Charleston recommends Ron Swain with RCB Audio to give you the memorable time you are looking for! He is the newest Featured Wedding Vendor we endorse!

With 20+ years of experience he has been rocking through the Macarena, he has seen the Tootsie Roll, roll on outta here, or has it? Whatever songs you want for sure, and the ones you are not quite sure of, Ron can help you find the perfect selection for those special moments at your reception!

RCB Audio provides Premium DJ Service in Charleston, SC and surrounding areas. They also provide dance floor lighting, ceremony sound support, up-lighting, monogram lighting and an exclusive Live Slide Show. They have everything you need to make your reception one your guests are sure to remember! It is wonderful when almost 16 years later I STILL have people who talk about how much fun my reception was, you can have that too with RCB Audio as your DJ.

Ron says what he enjoys most about being a wedding DJ is “watching the newlyweds enjoying the celebration with their family and friends.” He adds that Charleston is a great place for weddings because there is “so much history,” and “there are so many things to see and do.”

Ron’s Top 3 Tips for Engaged Couples:

  1. Go with vendors you feel comfortable and trust.
  2. The more planning you do up front, the easier and more fun the day of, will be.
  3. Make sure you take time to relax, just breathe and enjoy.

Ron says when looking for a DJ for your reception to keep these things in mind:

  1. Select a DJ you feel comfortable with and feel you can trust.
  2. Make sure your DJ is licensed and insured.

Ron says hands down his favorite part of the reception from his unique perspective is the first dance between the couple.  He enjoys the looks in the couple’s eyes as they look at each other and dance.

For a rocking good time at your reception Inspire Charleston gives RCB Audio and Ron Swain our Featured Vendor seal of approval.

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