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If you are a person who gets super excited about details, and you see these cookies, you will REALLY want to know who makes them!

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I had the pleasure of meeting Amanda, from Gonya’s Goodies, about 2 years ago. Then I started seeing all of these AMAZING cookies she made appearing on my facebook feed.  I couldn’t get over the details in her cookies from cartoon characters, baby showers, and graduations, to wedding cookies with monograms.  I was very impressed.

If you are looking for any baked goodies for your guests Gonya’s Goodies specializes in custom decorated sugar cookies, but also makes cupcakes, scones, muffins and brownies. Last year we had a large wedding welcome bag order. The bride wanted the state of New Jersey and the state of Pennsylvania cookies, with hearts on the cities the bride and groom were from on them included in their welcome bags.  Gonya’s Goodies delivered almost 300 cookies individually bagged for the welcome bags! They were adorable and the bride and her mother were thrilled with them. It was just that extra touch of southern hospitality in the bags that guests raved about.

Amanda loves what she does, and she has a lot of patience. I know first hand how time consuming these works of art are.  She said “I really enjoy creating something special and one of a kind for my clients. To see people faces when they see a work of art on a cookie is priceless.”

Amanda loves Charleston and says it offers “rich history, beautiful places, delicious food, and friendly people,” making it a wonderful place to get married. Amanda got married on Folly Beach in an intimate ceremony, underneath giant pieces of driftwood with the lighthouse as their backdrop and it was absolutely amazing.  “I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect setting.” she said.

Amanda’s Top 3 Wedding Tips:

  • Add little touches to your wedding that tell your love story, even if you two are the only ones that will “get it”. Is there a special song, nickname, joke, anything, try to sneak them in to some aspect of the wedding.
  • Don’t be afraid to spend money on the important things like a photographer, cake/desserts, entertainment, take-away bags, etc. Those are the things people remember, especially you.
  • Remember to have fun. Take in every moment you can. Dance your butt off with the ones you love. This is your day!

Amanda’s Sweets Table Tip:

“Make sure you put thought into your cake and dessert table. You don’t want to spend good money on those things and then have them look jumbled or even hidden. Make sure your tables are big enough, you (or your vendor) have trays/stands for everything, and things are displayed beautifully.”

When Amanda attends a wedding she said her favorite moment at the wedding is the vows. “Seeing two people head over heels for each other announcing their love for one another is absolutely beautiful. Being invited to witness them start a life together is a real gift.”

If you need amazingly detailed, custom decorated sugar cookies as favors for your wedding, or for your welcome bags for that added touch of southern hospitality contact Amanda Gonya at Gonya’s Goodies. She has Inspire Charleston’s seal of approval as a Featured Vendor in the greater Charleston, South Carolina area!


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