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Looking for a great way to have a gorgeous wedding, all while cutting costs? The answer is simple, rent anything you don’t want to store afterward! You can do that at Drifter Rentals here in Charleston!

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As you are planning your wedding it is easy to get wrapped up in Pinterest and come up with all these do it yourself ideas to make things for your wedding to help you save money. You click the X in the upper right hand corner to close out your browser in a Pinterest coma with ideas swirling in your head about making center pieces, needing candles and lanterns, and cutting logs to display your cake on.  The problem with that is what do you do with a slice of a log after the wedding other than burn it in a bonfire and where are you going to store 20 floral centerpieces, 10 lanterns, and 45 votive candle holders in your new place?

That is where Drifter Rentals comes in to play.  Meet Lorrie and Bert Griggs, owners of Drifter Rentals and savers of money on your wedding day! You will find on their website that they started Drifter Rentals after they planned a Charleston wedding reception from out west. They saw a need for affordable rentals and accessories for weddings in the Charleston area and when they moved to Mt. Pleasant, they started Drifter Rentals.

They enjoy “helping engaged couples have affordable options.” Some of these affordable options include your typical rental items like linens in an assortment of colors, napkins, organza sashes for the chairs and votive holders, but they also have items like outdoor pillows, cake stands, lanterns, chalkboards, tiki torches and more! Hey, if you can rent 200 gold chargers for $1.30 each at Drifter Rentals, go for it! Who wants to have 200 gold chargers lying around after the big event! Renting items is a huge money saver for your wedding, and it saves you from experiencing massive headaches afterwards, and possibly your first fight, over the 200 chargers taking up space in your garage!

Lorrie says, Charleston is the perfect place to have a wedding  because of its “beautiful scenery and southern hospitality” to which we would all agree make Charleston a unique and special place to tie the knot.

Lorrie’s  3 Tips for Engaged Couples:

  1. Plan ahead
  2. Shop around
  3. Stay calm and enjoy it all

Lorrie says when looking into renting items for your wedding and reception it is important to “look at how long you are allowed to keep the rentals.”

Drifter Rentals allows rental pick up on Wednesday, and return on Monday, at NO additional charge! This is an added bonus when renting items for your wedding, and allows you to relax the day after your wedding instead of running around taking back rented items!

When Lorrie gets to attend a wedding her favorite moment is the first moment the groom sees his bride about to head down the aisle toward him. Drifter Rentals has Inspire Charleston’s seal of approval as a Featured Vendor in Charleston!


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