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A photographer is probably one of the most important vendors for your wedding! They take your day and give you lasting memories! As a person with photographer regret from my own wedding, I find it EXTREMELY important to choose a photographer who will capture the beauty, joy, love and endearment of your wedding day in photographs you will cherish forever!

Meet Dandelion Weddings Owner, Tori Buck

With the experience I gained working for an incredibly talented wedding photographer here in Charleston, I learned a lot about what to look for in wedding photography, so when I saw Tori’s photos at Dandelion Weddings, I knew we had to shine our Vendor Spotlight on her business!

Dandelion Weddings owner and photographer Tori Buck does wedding photography, engagement photos, and senior sessions. Tori says “it is a joy to be part of something that will bring such memories again and again for years to come for each and every one of my clients.” Tori pays special attention to details, a trait that is important in a wedding photographer! Tori says she “takes great pride in the details of each session or event and she adds a creative twist to personalize each bride’s style and theme.” She says, “I love to see smiling faces, and the reactions to the memories I have captured for my clients for many years to come.”

Tori’s 3 Tips for Engaged Couples:

  • Brides’ should always have a “go to” person
  • Always have a TIMELINE to keep everyone on schedule and the same page.
  • Have a plan in place for weather.

Tori says when you are looking for a photographer for your wedding it is important to:

  • Make sure they are licensed and insured.
  • Make sure they are experienced, and always look at examples of their work.
  • Look at Turn around times.
  • Read the contract carefully and look for any additional costs that may be hidden in the fine print!

I asked Tori what part of a wedding was her favorite since she is there from the first look through the send off. She said her favorite moment to capture is the vows. “It’s so intimate and shared so publicly in front of friends and family. It’s intense, and you can feel the beauty shared in each word. The glaring eyes, the tears. Love is a beautiful thing.”

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– Vendor Spotlight Writer: Inspire Charleston’s Co-Founder, Andrea