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The wedding is over, it was beautiful, magical, and filled with love, but let’s face it, the honeymoon is the best part! All the planning is done, no more stress, just you and your spouse on your way to some time of relaxation where you can focus solely on each other and the beauty of where you honeymoon.  To get there, trust my friend Perrin Conrad, owner of Azalea Travel.



One of my favorite things to do is travel. You get to explore new areas, new cultures, meet new friends, have new experiences, and make lasting memories. There is nothing better than that!  You have enough planning to do for the wedding so when it comes to the honeymoon let an expert handle the details! One expert Inspire Charleston recommends is Perrin Conrad with Azalea Travel! I met Perrin in 2015 after she had started her business.  Our boys played baseball on the same team. I loved talking to her about her travel excursions and we loved to talk Disney (confession time, I am a Disney addict, and proud of it.)

Perrin at Azalea Travel offers honeymoon planning to anywhere you want to go: cruises, all-inclusive packages, tours, and Disney vacations. You will be so grateful for someone like Perrin who will listen to your dreams for your honeymoon, and do her best to make them a reality. Perrin says, “I love working with clients to plan the vacation they want! The people are the best part of my day.” Perrin is one of those people you just connect with, she is genuine, and lovely to talk to. She is one of those people that make this world a better place, who has others’ interests at heart. You will enjoy planning your honeymoon with her, because she will take care of everything, all while keeping your ideas for the perfect honeymoon in mind.

Perrin loves the way the historic narrow streets of Charleston offer an “intimate feeling” for weddings here. She loves the moment “when the bride first appears, just before she starts down the aisle. The groom sees her, and it’s just magical.”

Perrin’s Top  3 Tips for Wedding Planning are:

  1. Make YOUR vision come true, not someone else’s.
  2. Don’t let the wedding planning take the focus off of the most important thing: you are marrying the love of your life.
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and let someone take the stress off of you. This shouldn’t be stressful. It should be joyful and exciting!

Perrin says when looking for a travel agent for honeymoon planning make sure they:

  1. Are listening to you.
  2. Have your best interests at heart.

Perrin Conrad at Azalea Travel will listen to you with your best interests at heart and help you plan a magical honeymoon filled with relaxation, or adventure, whichever you desire! Inspire Charleston gives Azalea Travel our Featured Vendor seal of approval!

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